Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Log Driver's Waltz

On Facebook this morning, I discovered this video on a friend's wall and was immediately transported back to the '80s:

This short animated film was released by the National Film Board in 1979 and played on TVO in between shows.  Whenever it came on, usually in between Sesame Street and Polkadot Door, I would rush to the television to watch it (remember, this was before the internet; actually, this was before we had a VCR.  You never knew when you were going to be able to see something again).  When I was little, I think I had every word of this song memorized.  I remember singing along to the chorus:

For he goes birling down a-down the white water
That's where the log driver learns to step lightly
It's birling down, a-down white water
A log driver's waltz pleases girls completely.

Seeing this video made me think of other staples from my childhood.  Like this:

Or this:

The scary thing is that there's still a part of my brain that remembers all the words to "The Log Driver's Waltz".  

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