Monday, 10 October 2011

This Week in the News!

Welcome back to my weekly review of what's been happening in the world around us.  To be fair, this is my first post like this.  But I'll probably do it again next week.  Maybe.  Unless I can think of something better.

Okay, so here are my top 5 news headlines, taken from around the globe!:

5. Woman Gives Birth Hours After Finishing the Chicago Marathon
Okay, first.  What the what!  you're 39 weeks pregnant so you decide to RUN A MARATHON? yeah, that's normal.

4. Harry and Chelsea, Together Again?
Topping my list of "things I don't give a crap about" is this article about Prince Harry and his girlfriend.

3. Netflix Whiplash Stirs Angry Mobs
"Angry Mobs"?!?!? Seriously?  about Netflix? If you have enough money to sit in your parents basement dressed in a Klingon costume, you can afford the hike in Netflix fees.  If you can't afford it, CANCEL YOUR SERVICE.  Angry mobs should only be used when villages are being threatened by vampires (NB - the article does not actually talk about angry mobs, just whiny little babies using their Twitter accounts to vent).

2. FarmVille Movie in the Works
I'm sure this steaming pile will clean up at the Razzies.

1. 3 Amish Men Accused of Cutting Hair, Beards of Others
Violence is never funny.  But come on.  They had me at "Amish".  As the article says, Amish-on-Amish violence is rare.  So please, take some time tonight to remember the brave Amish who had their beards and hair trimmed against their will.

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