Friday, 14 October 2011

Halloween Horror-Fest

In honour of Halloween, Girlfriend decided we needed to do a horror movie marathon.  Starting last weekend, we have been watching a number of scary movies.

Last weekend we watched "28 Days Later" (which should not be confused with "28 Days") and "The Others" (notable for being the last thing Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise worked on together).

Tonight we started with "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" (which really wasn't that scary, but it was interesting watching Deb from Dexter playing someone who could talk without dropping the f-bomb every second word).  And then I was finally able to convince Girlfriend that "Friday the 13th" was worth watching.

I'll admit that the movie is incredibly cheesy.  Bad dialogue, horrible acting, awful hair.  And for the most part, fairly predictable.

But one part had us both screaming (and I'd seen it before).  Watch it if you dare:

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